Hu-Friedy EverEdge 2.0 Product Launch
EverEdge is a metal Hu-Friedy developed in 1995. A large percentage of Hu-Friedy dental instruments are made with EverEdge Technology. In 2013 Hu-Friedy started improving the metallurgy of EverEdge and in 2016 they launched over 100 instruments patterns in EverEdge 2.0. The Marketing Communications team was in charge of print and social advertising, marketing collateral, convention booth experience, video and email. This was one of Hu-Friedy’s largest product launches and most strategic. I was the lead designer and art director on all the materials below. This launch had one of the largest organic reaches on Facebook and it created a lot of stir at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter convention.
Launch Video
My role: Art Direction  / Production Company: Plum Productions
Shipping Box
Hu-Friedy ships a lot of products out of their warehouse and most of the time, products are shipped in a red box. To help make the splash we wanted, we produced a limited run of the below box highlighting the new product.
Convention Activities 
Hu-Friedy launched EverEdge 2.0 at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Convention. We ran a contest with our photo booth, attendants were able to take their picutre in our booth, get a print out, email or post their picture with our social share station. Everyone who posted their picture to Facebook used #EverEdge2 and where entered to win a stuffed Hu-Friedy scaler (aka Baby Nevi) and a brand new dental instrument. This was a huge hit - over 100 pictures were shared on social and over 400 pictures were taken in the booth. 
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