Hu-Friedy's Giant Molar
In 2014 The Chicago Dental Society celebrated 150 years and to celebrate they manufactured 12 giant molars for their February dental convention in Chicago. Hu-Friedy sponsored a molar and a small team in our Marketing department decorated the molar with Hu-Friedy products. We used colors that represent our brand and recreated some of our branding elements with Hu-Friedy instrumentation. For instance, our logo was recreated with pediatric dental crowns! Attendants voted for their favorite molar at the convention and the top 4 were then displayed on Michigan Ave outside the Chicago Dental Society's offices. Hygienists fell in love with our Hu-Friedy molar and we were lucky to have it displayed on Michigan Ave during the summer in 2014!
Watch the making of the molar which was shared on Hu-Friedy's Instagram account.
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